Mextonia was produced by the Mexican organization Nueve Arte Urbano and the festival team involved graffiti, plastic, and film artists, designers, anthropologists, an urbanist, a sociologist, a novelist, an architect, a lawyer and representatives of several other professions.

Édgar Sánchez
Co-founder and co-director

Sigre Tompel
Co-founder and co-director

Gemma Sánchez
General Manager

Luis Sánchez
Curatorial Board and Artist

Fernanda Arias
Cultural Research, Social Interaction and Artists Support

Fátima Morales
Public Events, Artists Support

Edy Navarro
Production: paint, equipment and tools

Estefania Sandia
Cultural Research, Documentation and Artist Support

Ricardo Quezada
Communication, Marketing and Social Media

Gabriel McCormick
Photo and documentation

Belem Peña
Production, logistics and delivery, artists support

Joel Mora
Graphic design

Edgar Torres
Graphic design

Angélica Iracheta
Social Media

Mextonia support team in Estonia:

Ita Puusepp
Local logistics, Equipment and tools, Artists support

Meelika Hirmo
Communication and local media

Marina Pavljuk
Public events, Artists support

Mariliis Haljasorg
Communication and local media

Salme Kulmar
Logistics and Delivery, Artists support

Martha Cooper

Yoshitaro Yanganita
Photography and video

Nickie Robinson

Marcelo Seewald & Marina Bortoluzzi
Photography and documentation

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