Mextonia’s Blue deer

Have we considered that giving a fragment of ourselves can truly enlighten the world and reality of others? We have. Therefore, we created Mextonia.

Not only as a festival, but as a cultural process and collective piece of art, composed by 50 murals within the walls of Tallinn, Narva, Viljandi and Tartu. A reminder of what makes us feel proud of being Mexicans, Estonians, and even better, what unites us beyond our nationalities: our cultural freedom. Our responsibility of making this place, this world a better place than how we found it.

In México, according to ancient Huichol tribe tradition, people go to hunt Blue Deer, searching for wisdom and inner vision. It is similar to Estonian ancient tradition of searching for Fern Blossom at Midsummer night. They both represent prosperity, protection and fertility.

Immersed in today's contemporary world, in our never ending race for wealth, consumption and competitiveness, Mextonia was a gift to remind the world about the Spirit a collective soul in the shape of a Blue Deer, in finally finding a Fern Blossom.

"Street art is a worldwide art movement and Mextonia has shown how creative two different cultures can be when combined. Excellent idea – brilliantly realized!!“
Martha Cooper

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